Fire Ride Tribute


12 thoughts on “Fire Ride Tribute

  1. You guys are incredible. Keep up the good work. We are all routing for you. Look forward to your blog updates.

  2. JASON AND FELLOW BIKE RIDERS – YOU ROCK!!! i am following your route and my heart and soul are with you guys every day out on the road. i’m gonna try to fly to New York to catch you at the end of your journey. Jason – give me a shout out. i’ll try your cell tomorrow. so so proud of you……if you need anything at all, you let me know – i can send it to wherever it is needed.

    xoxoxo MOM

  3. Jason,
    I look forward to your story every day. You are amazing and inspiring. Roger and I send our love!

  4. Hey Jason, I and a number of others here in New Zealand are watching you and your progress and your great daily updates,
    power on my friend, all the best HARRY, and once you have this challenge completed start thinkin about all the future
    challenges here for you and Nic in New Zealand.

  5. Hi Jason! We enjoy reading your updates everyday. Our thoughts are with you. Josh and I are diggin the stache!!

  6. Hi Jason, I am blown away by your selfless high endurance feat to remember the fallen of 9-11. I got chills in reading about your experiences and was deeply moved. You are quite an inspiration to us all. God Bless America!

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