My name is Jason Teter and I have been a Los Angeles City Firefighter for 11 years. I am 39 years old and my wife and I live in Surf City, USA, also known as Huntington Beach. I grew up in Santa Clarita, where I worked construction and as a certified welder. However, I wanted to have a career where I knew that I was going to be helping the public. While pursuing a fire fighter position, I was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department, where I spent four years as a police officer. I was finally hired by the fire department in April of 2000. After visiting Ground Zero, I was inspired to become trained in all aspects of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR). I am currently assigned to USAR Task Force 5, and I also hold a position on the FEMA Team. I am also a member of the LAFD SCUBA Diving Team.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending most of my time outdoors. To maintain a high level of physical fitness, I participate in multiple activities. I can often be found in or near the water, whether I am surfing, swimming, SCUBA diving, cycling or running on the beach path. When I am away from the beach, I will be in the mountains. I like the physical and mental challenges of rock climbing and mountaineering. My wife and I sometimes spend our four days off high in the Sierras, checking peaks off our list. Every year, we choose a mountain to climb for our wedding anniversary, spending a couple of nights in a tent on the side of an icy slope.

Ten years ago, I stood on the roof top of FDNY Fire Station 10 and I watched my own mortality being dug up from the rubble. This bike ride will give me the opportunity to honor those who gave their lives, showing the world that we will never forget.


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