United Firefighters of Los Angeles City – The Los Angeles Firefighter

United Firefighters of Los Angeles City – The Los Angeles Firefighter.


3 thoughts on “United Firefighters of Los Angeles City – The Los Angeles Firefighter

  1. Please write that book about your experience, all of it. It will make a difference in this world of ours, and what could be better? Rereading your post from “Day 49, 50 and Day 51” helped me just now, and will help my day, to make it brighter and happier, from the heart ~ and then that is passed onto others, to make their day brighter and happier from the heart. Your words: “I have been given a chance to do something great. With your support, I did not fail. Now it is your turn.Do what is right and you will be taken care of, you will not fail. Times will get tough, you will get tired, you will want to quit, you won’t. We will be with you. Do that thing you have been afraid to try, that thing you know you’re supposed to do, it’s your personal legend. That voice in your head is trying to tell you something, listen.” Thank you Jason. I’m going to read that to my high school students today, as I teach art. I think I’ll read it all week long, as I teach art to 1st & 2nd graders, and my 3rd grade class, who are writing & illustrating their own books, and my painting and sculpting classes for seniors. No matter what age we are, if we’re still breathing, we still have time to make a difference, and we can follow your example. Thank you my friend! You are something. Best always, and lots of love; it was wonderful watching you paint yesterday. Welcome home; rest, write. Nancy.

    • Jason,
      Nancy couldn’t have said better. Your writing is such a joy to read. I felt as if I were standing there with you witnessing the glorious event. I road along with you everyday of your incredible journey. Can’t wait to help you promote that book! 😉

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