Day 46


My day

I woke up this morning in disbelief, no rain. You have got to be kidding me, how is this possible? I planned my whole day around rain. I did not even set an alarm. I could still be out of here by 10am. I turned on the Weather Channel, the same people who where telling me to build an ark. The radar showed only patchy rain. I better get it together fast and get on the road. Just as I figured, right before I headed out, down came the rain to wash a biker out.
I took to the road with a vengeance, “let’s get this done.” I figured every mile over 30, I could subtract from 100 miles, a total of 130 miles (more like 160). The first 30 miles were a little tough being hilly, cold, wet, and I had a flat tire. “Come on 30 miles,” it felt like an eternity. Once I hit 30 miles, I felt a little choked up. “I’m counting down the last 100 miles of a 47 day, 3627 mile bike ride.” All kinds of things started racing through my mind, ” I want the finish to be perfect.”  And then I remembered one of the many lessons I have learned on this trip. ” I’m going to just show up and it will be perfect.”
I wish I could report that I was in this frame of mind all day. I’m not always very good with my emotions. I was still fatigued most of the day. My phone was acting up in the damp weather which was an irritant. At some point I got so mad trying to answer the phone that I yelled out in frustration. I must be getting hungry, I thought. No its more than that, I’m also tired. I told myself, “today is your day, you do what you need to do to get the mileage in. You have worked hard, you have paid your respects, now you have a job to do. Finish your ride.” Suddenly I felt a lot better after giving myself permission to feel bad.
My wife was my motivation to ride today. I want to see her tomorrow and the closer I get today, the sooner I see her tomorrow.
I listened to what the universe told me today. I listened to the omens. The universe said, “today you ride.” The universe knows what I want. I ran across a group of Marines in full gear, including guide-ons marching from Texas to New York (On Facebook: 325 th SFS 9/11 Ruck March To Rember). They are set to arrive on Sept 11th. This is a good omen I thought. Suddenly it hit me, I’m a small part in a really big thing. I felt a sense of honor. We were all traveling the same road for the same cause. We are paying our respects to those who gave everything to keep us safe, and free.
I am not sad that my journey will be coming to an end. I am not over excited that I will finish tomorrow. I am ready to finish. I am ready to go home. I am excited to see my wife, my partner, Nicole. She has worked hard to get this team across the finish line. I am excited to see my family, Haylee and Whitney. I am looking forward to seeing my friend Andre.
I have learned many lesson on the trip. Lessons I will share with you in the future, along with photos, video, and celebration. I have made many new friends. A lady asked me today, “What are you getting out of this?” Knowing her meaning I replied “nothing.” The true answer to that question is “a gift.” A Fireman asked me why I was doing this ride and I told him, “I am searching for something.” So what did I find, what is the gift? It’s what I had all along, YOU. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. I could not have made it without you. Tomorrow is your day. Tomorrow is the finish line. Tomorrow we all celebrate our victory. Please join me on the blog and Spot as I ride the final 55 miles to New York. I plan on crossing the finish line with Nicole, Whitney, Haylee, and Andre between 2pm and 4pm eastern time. Some say you cannot choose your family, I disagree. I have always chosen my family. We are all family.
Good night and thank you family.


12 thoughts on “Day 46

  1. Yay Jason!!!!! You are almost there. What a huge accomplishment. Nolan and I are with you in spirit and will be thinking about you all day tomorrow. Congratulations!

  2. Jason, I am so proud of you. You are just the best. You know how to make a difference in this world of ours. I’m watching, and I love what I see. I’m so happy that you’ll soon be reunited with Nicole and your family. What a good job you have done. Sleep well my friend and have a wonderful ride in. Best wishes. xx Nancy..Oh, Oh, and I heard there’s a wonderful article about you on the front page of the Orange County Register. I’m so happy about that!!

  3. Jason,
    We are truly proud of you and honored that you could stay at our station! It has been fun watching you all the way and crazy to see your emotions go up and down. Just remember in the last 55 miles that the Rocky Mountains are BEHIND you!!! You are a hero and you have done amazing! Please pay our respects to our fallen brothers and sisters from the Fort Morgan Volunteer Fire Department! Celebrate buddy you deserve it! Ride hard and with your head held high!

  4. I am so excited for you, you are such an inspiration to ius!!! I should know better then to put my make up on before I read your post can’t wait to see you!!

  5. Today I heard the first half of an interview with Deputy Chief J. Jonas. He survived being buried under the collasped North Tower 10 years ago. He gave some insight into the mind of a fireman. We all know they run into buildings when others are running out but on 9/11 they stopped to shake each others hands because they knew they would not survive that day. They went in any way and many of them refused to leave the victims even when their captains said it’s time to get out after the South Tower fell. Your service to our society is very much appreciated. We do not take for granted that you are willing to give your life every day for another person. And I don’t think people have become complacent about the tragedy that took place 10 years ago. Thank you for your hard work and your respect to the victims and their families. And thank you Nicole for all you have done to. Love Mom

  6. I’m amazed and proud to know you. I’ll miss reading your blogs. You have shown us what life is truly about and how to put others before our own comfort. Your the best of what a person can be. I wish I could be at the finish to cheer you on. My self and my family including my parents couldn’t be prouder brother.

  7. Thank you for allowing us to take this journey with you Jason. I must admit that you raised the hairs on my arms once again. You have been an inspiration not only to myself but to the rest of our nation who has followed you. You have definitely put things in to perspective and have your priorities right. I am flying to Philly today to meet with a few of your other buddies and will be in NY tomorrow. Hope to see you there. Words can’t tell how proud I am of you. I would like to know more about the Marines marching from Texas also. So many great stories of patriotism an honor.

  8. Quite eloquent Jason. You deserve to see your family tomorrow. You have worked very hard to see get this far in your journey.
    you are kind, too, tl see all of your supporters as family. How true.
    good luck, God bless, and buon viaggio!

  9. Oh wow!! Congratulations! How wonderful! You two look wonderful, back together again! Good job Jason! You get a gazillion stars in my book, for you sincerity, empathy and concern for others, and your courage. Your writing is wonderful and from the heart. Much gratitude to you and Nicole and every single person who helped make your journey a reality. I was with Mizutani, Noriko, Alex and others last night. They are so proud of you too! Lots of love from here. Nancy.

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