Day 41

Google Gone Goofy

Never, never, never. Remember! Never use Google to guide you on a bike! Why do I keep forgetting this? I am seeing some really nice country; however, when you are trying to meet people and the sun is going down, a Google sight-seeing tour is the last thing you want to do. After winding up in BFE in the dark with no sign of a place to stay, I decided to eat. Hungry, I walk into a diner and order pot roast and fries. It shows up in a sandwich, which I can’t eat because I am allergic to wheat. F (orget) my life. If I was a girl, I would have cried. Maybe I was crying I was just too dehydrated to tell. So I rode another 4 miles until I found a hotel. Close one, I almost had to sleep in the hammock.

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