Day 40

Today was all about finishing my tour of the city. I hung out at the hotel until noon and then went to lunch. My new friend Charles picked me up and showed me around. He offered to let me stay at his house that evening. We drove around with the bike in his car. About 6:30 pm he dropped me off so I could ride to his house from Akron to Louisville about 30 miles. I left my bags in his car including my sunglass. I did not think I would need my sunglass because it would be dark soon… Once the sun goes down out here the bugs come out. I only ate 1 bug before I figured out you can breathe through a mustache to filter out bugs. The only problem with riding in the dark is that you can not see everything, like HOLES. When my rear tire hit a hole, it exploded all three of my rear red lights and blew my rear tire. 1 hole, free, 3 lights $45, 1 tube $8, riding your bike into a hole in the dark down an unknown highway somewhere across the country….priceless.

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