Day 39


Akron is a really neat town, and where I am staying is even better. My hotel is on the main drag so there is plenty of food places open late. I started my day by sleeping in until 9am. I had coffee and started out on the 5k breakfast walk. I went to Wally’s Waffles. I told the waitress, “I’ll have four eggs, two hamburger patties, hashbrowns, and coffee. After breakfast, I walked around town a bit. I’m wearing my IAFF local shirt, so a lot of people ask, “Are you from LA?” I usually tell them what I’m doing. So this man, Charles, hears about my journey and tells me that he gives tours of the area and offers to show me around. Turns out Akron has quite a history. One place in particular is the Seiberling mansion. They are the family that founded the Seiberling Rubber Company which became The Goodyear Tire Company. Akron was the center of the rubber industry. The booming town used to rent beds for 8 hours at a time. The town was growing so fast that there was not enough room for everyone. Steel belted radial tires would be the down turn of the large rubber company.
Thanks Charles

2 thoughts on “Day 39

  1. Ah, yes, Jason, nice to read your philosophical musings….definitely a lot of time to think and ponder while you travel across the country. I really feel for you on the mileage ahead… although I do not do the miles you do, I still break it down into manageable bits, and that makes it more possible.
    I continue to marvel at the generosity of strangers and near strangers… how many simply will converse or support you without asking… and, yes, good for you to let others give help to you as you would to them…
    Akron…indeed an important city for many reasons…
    Ciao…stay healthy… and Buon Viaggio!

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