Day 35


What a great stay with Eden and Daniel! They provided that down home feeling in the big city. When I rolled up to their home, Eden had a Gluten Free five-course meal waiting for me. Mmmmm good. She put a gift basket out with shampoo, soap, gluten-free snacks, etc. After I cleaned up, she drove me to 2 bike stores and a triathlon expo looking for Hammer gel. Then she took me on a great tour of their beautiful city. After a wonderful night sleep, I woke up to the smell of coffee and breakfast. Daniel woke up early. And cooked the best breakfast I have had thus far. I love staying at the fire houses with the boys. From time to time it sure is nice to feel the comfort of home, even if it’s not yours. Thank you Eden and Daniel.
Unlike Denver, Colorado, Chicago is a very biker friendly city. There is marked bike paths, and cyclists everywhere. There is really great architecture and streets to look at. The path along the lake is almost as nice as riding along the ocean. Chicago is a great city to see for yourself.
On the advice of other people I headed toward Highway 12 via Michigan City. It is nice once you get to Michigan City. I went through Gary, Indiana. They don’t have it on the city sign, but Gary is a very special place. They have held the record in years past for the highest murder rate per capita. Welcome to Lucky Gary, Indiana, you’ll be lucky to get out alive. That kills me.
Michigan City on the other hand is very beautiful. Nicole called these guys for me last minute and they were more than happy to help. They even put an escort together. The Fire Department was hosting their annual ball the same night I was in town. The acting Chief dropped me off so I could meet everyone. It was really fun, they had a live band and everything. It was really nice to hang out with the men and their wives. It was cool because when the next shift came on, I already knew most of them. The boys made a great breakfast in the morning and even gave me some cash for the road, they would not take no for an answer. They also called ahead and set up a place for me to stay in Angola. They were a really a fun group. Thanks guys.

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