Day 33

The longest trek

Today was my longest ride yet, 124 miles. On one of the longest rides of the trip we received more support than ever. I was not too surprised that we had so much support at the beginning, what did surprise me was how much the ride grew along the way. I am beginning to see that small towns take care of one another. We started off with approx 8 trucks and 10 riders. One fire dept pick up truck escorted us the entire day. We picked up 5 more riders along the way. We had fire trucks joining the escort all day. What a fabulous ride, this was the most fun ride yet. Along the route there was groups of family members that showed up to cheer us on and show there support. I’ll admit getting a little choked up watching people use their time to come out and support everyone. Thank you for your love and support. I’ll also admit feeling a little home sick, knowing that if we were at home my family would be among the spectators. Approx half way we stopped at Trek Bicycle’s manufacturing facility. They really made us feel special, almost like we were sponsored riders. They made lunch for over 15 of us. Good thing I ride a Trek. I felt a little bike envy when they showed us their bikes. As we rolled into Milwaukee it was humbling to see the people who showed up to escort us the final distance. There was several fire trucks, the Axe Men motorcycle riding club, and several Motor Cops. The boys at station 28 were up working all night after going to an attic fire earlier in the evening. Thanks for making our ride outstanding, Wisconsin.

Special thanks to the Bednarik Family, the DeArmon Family, and Gail for donating to our “Feed a Cyclist” program!

4 thoughts on “Day 33

  1. 124 miles! WOW! That is amazing! You are getting ever closer to your goal and I know you will make it! I love hearing the stories of the departments escorting you and taking care of you! I am jealous of your visit to the Trek facility! I have a Trek too, although I have only ridden it a few times, I love it! Awesome that the boys from Station 28 still came out even though they were way tired!

    You are very welcome by the way! I am glad you got it! Keep pedaling and God speed brother!

  2. Jason- You’re whole journey gets more and more incredible! I can only imagine how great the day off felt, to rest and recuperate a little; how the rain felt, soaking you to the bone, but you guys pressing on in your mission. And then to have so many FDs and families- and others- support, feed and embrace you is truly awesome. Jason- you are awesome!!!
    Keep it up! Ciao and Buon Viaggio! Godspeed!

  3. Holy Toledo! Look how far you’ve gone! Almost there! In ten days you will see some familiar faces and have all day support. In twelve days you will have completed a journey that most people would get exhausted just thinking about! Looks like you had a petty ride next to Lake Michigan. So close to Lake Erie- you’ll have to let me know what it’s like. Let us know if you are longing anything from home (besides your bed) like food or something and we will make sure to bring it to D.C. Keep on pedaling you’re almost there (thanks SPOT!) Love you, see you soon! Ps. I’ll bring the scissors to trim your stach!

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