Day 30



Cedar Rapids Fire finished strong. Man, do these guys get it! Yesterday after a work out the Capt assisted another fireman on working on the fire truck. Engine 5 brought over a bed from their fire house for us. After dinner, they transformed the TV room into a bedroom for us.
The next morning at 5:45 am the media showed up to interview Chris. The guys welcomed them into the fire house. The Battalion Chief was already up in uniform cooking us breakfast. No that’s not a typo, the Battalion Chief was cooking at 5:45 in uniform for us and the boys. Outstanding showing, men.
These guys are big RAGBRAI riders, they even have their own bus. I hope to ride with them next year.
My knee is feeling better but I will have to take it easy for a while. The ride today into Dubuque was very nice, we even had a little tail wind. Everyone keeps asking about the weather. We have been so lucky. We are missing it by a day. The area we were at two days ago was on the news tonight, flooded. I’m sure our luck will run out since I lost my riding jacket. What, are you kidding me? How do you keep losing things? I’m not sure, I think it became unclipped and feel off the bike. I might have to pay for my sins tomorrow. No rain, no rain, no rain. I have been on the road now for 30 days. That even sounds like a long time. During my ride today I was thinking about surfing, weight lifting, running, anything but biking. One more day until Christmas. I asked Santa for an iPod, a wheel set, tires, and SD cards. I hope I don’t get coal. You may not believe in Santa but I don’t have a choice.
The media was all over Chris today. He did two phone interviews while we were biking.
When we entered Highway 20, it did not take long to realize that this was a bad idea. It was a four lane highway with NO shoulder. That means you bike in the same lane as the semi-trucks. Death wish, I’m out. I took the next off ramp road through the grass down a dirt road, over the hill to Grandma’s house, and down a decomposed granite road to avoid the highway. We picked up an escort and continued on the highway to town.
We were met by Phil, a paramedic for Dubuque Fire. He took us by the site of their new 9/11 memorial. The unions are helping departments get pieces of the trade center delivered to fire houses across the nation. It really does not matter what people’s opinions about on 9/11 are. The fact is that 343 men selflessly gave their lives for one reason. OTHERS. God Bless those men.
I have been reflecting on where my life was during 9/11. It was in shambles. Like many things during that time, my life was coming unwound. The Fire Department played a huge roll in helping hold me together. It was like me and the nation were recovering together in the open arms of the fire service. Ten years later this bike ride has given me the opportunity to finally come to peace with my past. I am fortunate, not everyone will have that opportunity. Whatever your beliefs are, whoever your God is, please put in a good word for the boys and their families that are still in pain.
Phil took us to the bike shop, out for dinner, road us around Chris’s birth town, and then to the market. Thank you, brother.
All together now “NO Rain! NO Rain! NO RAIN !
Thanks for all your love, support team,

14 thoughts on “Day 30

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how awesome these people are that you keep running into and that are taking such good care of you! If nothing else it helps me to have a bit more faith in humanity. A huge Thank you to all the men and women that are helping you reach your goal! I love hearing about your adventure, glad your knee is doing better and that memorial looks GREAT!

    Have a GREAT ride tomorrow without the Rain!!! Always in our prayers, brother, God speed!

  2. 30 days, wow! Good job!! No rain. No rain. No rain. I looked up Dubuque and they say 40% no rain, so u won’t have any.

  3. Hey bro no rush to get to your destination peddle w/ease as long you keep peddling like the young man once said in day 3… keep on peddling and in no time you’ll get. Keep up the good work. 341…

  4. Good to hear that your knee is better (I guess the chocolate syrup idea worked?!…). Really enjoying reading about your journey, thanks for taking the time to share it with us. Thanks, too, for raising my consciousness about the firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty (& selfless service to others). You are an inspiration my friend! Ride On! (oh, and: No Rain, No Rain, No Rain!).

  5. Great work Jason! You are awesome! I can feel your pain with the knee stuff- I hope the resting/shorter day/ice/ibuprofen works for you. Ever hear about Capsaicin creme? Or other salicylate cremes can help applied to the knees.
    I keep you in my daily prayers brother.
    Ciao, buon viaggio and God bless!

  6. Hi Jason, I’ll be away from my computer for 5 days while I move. But I will be praying for you every day. Love mom

  7. Sorry I have not written in a couple of days, went up Gorgonio and did some trail running. Now my ankle is busted and can’t train, and you keep riding with your knees a hundred miles a day… your an inspiration in all its forms brother. Gotta go now, I just shaved a mohawk and Railya just got home.. 😦 ha ha

  8. NO rain No rain No rain!
    Miss you brother, we all do at home. Keep on peddling! You have thirty days under your belt, you can do it! The words that you write are so beautiful and inspiring. I love your words of “When you make the choice to do something you also accept its consequences freely”. I will also try to keep in mind that problems are vessels leading to growth, thanks to you. Can’t wait to see what miles of bumpity asphalt and people’s actions inspire you to write next! Love you, Whit

  9. You’re awesome Jason! Didn’t see your words of wisdom last night- but am tracking you now with spotme. Very cool! I hope the “no rain” chanting worked. Day 34 now? WOW!!!
    Keep on truckin… stay healthy!

  10. Jason,
    Great meeting you Tuesday night, and riding with you to Milwaukee yesterday. I’m feeling the pain of forgetting sun screen. The last forty blocks made the last 20 miles all worth it. Keep up the great work, let me know if you need a place for the Ironman.

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