Day 28

It has been another long day, with head winds and a flat. Iowa is still a beautiful state. I am tired of not having my iPod. I am tired of riding my bike today. I am a little worried about my knees holding up. Another 114 miles today and I’m tired.
We are staying with Marshalltown Fire and they have been great. They bailed us out, last minute. Thanks guys and gal.
I’m beat and hope to get caught up soon.

11 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. Did the early pioneers have iPods-NO!
    Did they sit in their chuck wagons wanting to listen to Judas Priest – NO!
    Did they wear spandex bike shorts while crossing the great plains – maybe
    I have no point I’m just ranting.
    Keep pedaling or I will show up with a tandem bike and a bullhorn.

  2. Jason I am a day ahead in New Zealand and I can tell you tomorrow is a great day. If its not, chuck down a bag of cement… and harden up. You know the rest. Mark

  3. Hey Jason! Glad to see that you are doing well, and still working towards your amazing goal! Hope that your journey continues to be safe, and that you are staying healthy and energized through the rest of this incredible ride! It was a great pleasure getting to meet you! I think that your ride is not only physically amazing but a very unique tribute as well! God Bless

  4. Hey are you complaining, are you crying. Suck it buddy! Dig deep and fight like the Jason I know. We are proud of you and behind you. Remember pain is temporary but quitting that is forever.

    Love you,
    Gry Squirrel.

  5. I like the pioneer quote above…there is a children’s song that goes: “Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked. Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked. They washed in streams and worked and played. Sundays they camped and read and prayed. Week after week, they sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked AND walked.”

    How does this sound?

    Firefighter Jason cursed as he rode and rode and rode and rode. Firefighter Jason tucked as he rode and rode and rode and rode. He sleeps on couches, he doesn’t quit. He keeps on going steady and straight. Week after week he pedaled and rode and rode and rode AND rode!

    I am not a song writer so that probably sounds horrible. Well it sounds ok in my head because I know the tune…Anyway, if that doesn’t work remember what the famous blue fish Dory in Finding Nemo had to say? “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” Sorry I have little kids, can you tell?

    We are praying for you brother, keep going. You will make it to Wisconsin and your beloved I-pod and then you will keep going, because I don’t think for one second that you are a quitter.

    Good speed brother!

  6. Gonna have an “Old Guys Rule” t-shirt waiting for you on your return from NEW YORK CITY! You may want to try rubbing a little chocolate syrup on those knees, heard it works wonders! Stay tough Jesse and Ride on my brother from another Mother! 🙂

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