Day 27



One of the Omaha boys took us home, cooked us breakfast and road with us 10 miles into Iowa. Thanks, brother.
Iowa is a beautiful state with rolling hills covered with winding rows of corn. There are quaint little farm houses scattered about.
People here are really cyclist friendly. Iowa is the home of the famous RAGBRAI bike ride. We found a 30 mile stretch of bike path converted from an old railroad track. What a treat after miles on the busy highway. Another 107 miles under our belts.
The boys in Carroll were really outstanding. Not only did they put us up in their beautiful firehouse, they also took us out on the town. Now that’s fire department tradition. Sorry we are a little square right now. It’s hard to stay caught up with nutrition, hydration, and sleep.
I’m still struggling with my knees. I’m on the ice and Advil program until a rest day in Wisconsin. Speaking of Wisconsin, that is where my iPod is. I need my iPod. I’m not sane enough to ride this far without a little distraction.
Ok, start off riding, ahhh head wind. This is going to be a long day. Ok 6 miles in, I’m already tired of riding. I have to ride 100 miles and I’m only at 8 miles. I am only doing 13 mph. I’m never going to get there. Ahhhhh a hill, 10 mph, stand up to ride, knees hurt. Standing, my body is like a sail pushing the wrong way. Your kidding me, 8.5 miles that’s it, your kidding me. Get the picture I need my iPod!
Its been a long day of riding, I’m tired. Goodnight.

One thought on “Day 27

  1. Jason, did get yourself a brace/band with pressure point to add pressure to the knee cap? that help me when we did Frisco to LA ride.

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