Day 26


What the hail is going on?

Looks like we made it by the skin of our teeth once again. National Weather Service posted a flood warning in Nebraska and Iowa. High winds, tennis ball size hail, and heavy rain wreaked havoc on the area today. I sure am happy to be on a rest day today.
The Chief and his family were so good to us. They let Chris borrow a car to take his bike to the bike shop. They let me borrow a stem machine and ice packs for my knees. We ate well and are rested up. Thanks guys.
We stayed at Fire Station 52. These guys are big city firemen and I feel comfortable around them. It’s funny how most city fire departments are run the same. These guys are really a great bunch of firefighting cyclists. It sounds like they are struggling with the same issues that all city fire departments are dealing with. City Council wants to cut pensions and health care, cut paid positions and fill them with volunteers, etc. The problem with firemen is that we are not self promoters so the public is not always educated on what we do. Our loyalty is to the public we serve everyday. So we must not get discouraged by four year politicians that work for themselves. We protect life and property and  we must protect the institutions that do that. We are the last phone call on the list, people call us when all else fails. The fire service is a service, not a money maker. Thanks boys! Special thanks goes out to the Greg Holly Family, Gail King, Shaun and Shannon Keating, and Dave and Railya for their donations to our “Feed a Cyclist” program!



6 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. Hi Jason, I am having my birthday party tomorrow, I will save you a piece of cake! When I say my prayers at night, I ask God to keep you safe. When you come home I want you to play with me in my dirt pile, we can use my crane and dump truck. I miss you and love you, love Kyle

  2. Whew! I am glad you got to rest for sure! Sounds like your poor body needed it! AND that you missed that storm! Sounds like a killer! You talked about donations being made, I would like to donate and help out…Where would I send what you need?

    Keep pedaling and God speed brother!

  3. A very welcome rest day indeed Jason. Once again your extended family helps out. Very cool. Hang in there. You are awesome and inspiring!
    Ciao and buon viaggio!

  4. Ah yes! The slippery slope of self promotion. The plight of prideful individuals. You continue to be in our thoughts Jason. What’s with all the complaining, get on with it 😉

  5. Glad to hear you took a rest day! You guys are being watched over for sure since you keep missing those storms. And those midwest sotrms are no joke!! Not like the sprinkles we get here in So Cal.
    Stay safe.

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