Day 25


Wires crossed

Lincoln became the land of crossed wires. From the minute I rolled into town. Our sleeping arrangements were mixed up due to a misunderstanding. I could not get a hold of Chris for some time via the cell phone. Chris was able to talk one station into letting him stay there. I decided to just stay at a motel as to not overwhelm the fire house. In the morning, there was a mixup in where to meet Chris. I waited for him for 45 min at a gas station. Chris thought we were going to meet on the road.
Imagine what the men at Ground Zero had to deal with. Most of their Command staff was lost. No one knew the scope of the incident. No one knew if their friends and family were still alive. No one had ever seen anything like this before.
Chris made it to Omaha and was given a hero’s welcome by Omaha Fire Dept. There was fire trucks, media, the whole package. The Union Local 385 picked up the tab for our dinner, thanks brothers.
The ride into Omaha was very nice, with good weather. I stopped at a nice place for lunch and took a picture with the waitress. I am starting to feel a little pain in my knees and left calf.
We are being taken care of by one of the Chiefs, Matt. We are staying at his private residence tonight.

5 thoughts on “Day 25

  1. Jason, I love your heart. Your concern for others and your being able to turn a negative into something positive. I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I’m grateful to all the caring people you are meeting . You really are an inspiration. I love the brotherhood of all firemen. Did Nicole share that email that said how to increase your phone battery cell ? You just press *3370# . Your cell will increase battery life 50%. Ilove you so much honey.

  2. How frustrating, I am sorry! I sure hope you get some rest in Omaha and that your knee and calf gets feeling better! Let’s hope it’s just tired and not seriously injured! You are always in our prayers! Keep riding and God speed brother!

  3. Jason, cool photo today!!
    Hey, if it was easy I’de be doing it… it’s not, and you are the man.
    Kimberly and I are off to Alaska tomorrow, taking the IPAD 2 with us so I can follow your blog.
    Hang in there and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    John Muller

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