Day 24



The ride into Lincoln has been fairy uneventful. I have grown accustomed to the constant wind. I watched the dark sky nervously all day, don’t rain, don’t rain, don’t rain. The rain out here is no joke. It is more like a water fall than a rain. We missed baseball size hail in McCook by one day. I believe our “good luck” is a direct result of your good wishes.
The only thing I could not get used to was the cracks in the road. The cracks feel like craters on a bike. It feels like you are riding your bike off a curb every four seconds. BAM! BAM! One, two, three, four, BAM! BAM! One, two, three, four, BAM! BAM! The real problem is that there is no way to avoid it and I’m worried about my temporary wheel holding up. Come on baby get me to Wisconsin! We just have to keep’er rolling.
Riding an unsupported bike ride presents many challenges. If I had a SAG vehicle I could have changed my front tire in about 3 minutes. Instead it took 20 extra miles, two hotel stays, and a post office run. Good news is that my brother Ceaser is going to mail a new wheel set to Wisconsin.
You have to rethink how you get things done out here. It seems that whatever you are looking for is always on the other side of town. What takes 15 minutes in a car can take an hour on a bike. Everything is a balancing act. Do I have someone mail it, or do I buy it on the road? If you choose to have something mailed, you have to make sure it’s along your route and that it gets there before you. So far we have had only one miss, and had it returned to sender. So my latest mailing challenge is my iPod. I would just go buy one except I would not be able to load it with music. So do we mail it close so I can have it soon and risk missing it? Do we mail it to a large town and risk going 10 miles out-of-the-way to get it? I chose to go without an iPod for another week and have it mailed to Wisconsin (Chris’s house). Chris’s poor mom is running a supply depot right now.
Logistics on the road are the hardest part. I play the smallest part. I just have to show up. Sometimes I have to wait, take a detour, or make phone calls. The real work is done by friends and family at home. Figuring out what I need, where I’ll be, and when I’ll get there. All your hard work is very much appreciated. I think I’ll start referring to my ride as semi-supported.

5 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Jason- As always, great to hear your are keepin’ on! I might even call your ride “virtually supported”. Sounds like others at home are getting you what you need. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for support too!


  2. You are an inspiration, yet still a little crazy!! Lol. So many challenges. When are u gonna write about ur numb butt. Because I’m sure it is! Keep up the challenge!! Congrats so far.

  3. Good job Jason, and good job to all of your support team from here and around the country. It’s wonderful. When I read your posts, the part that sends chills down my spine, is the sheer rawness of it all, riding without a support vehicle by your side, and the hugeness of being out there on the road with a gazillion choices to make. Along with the logistical difficulties, not to mention the physical stamina it requires, it still must feel so free. Or am I crazy? Is there an almost Zen freedom to it, or do you have to be so alert, so ‘on’, all the time, that you can’t think about stuff like that? It’s very courageous I think. I remember being a kid in Columbus, OH, and there was a woman who was walking across the US, and I remember my parents taking me down to highway 40, I think it was, and being in such awe of anyone to do something like that. I even remember what she looked like, I remember the freckles on her arms because she was so tan. And, I remember the many cars she had, for an escort, as she walked. Keep going my friend. You’re an inspiration for what can be done if one has the heart and soul to do it. In much gratitude, for waking me up a bit, in regards to making sacrifices for others. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with from here. Your paintings are locked in my OASIS cabinet; wow, they’re good! Take care.

  4. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear Teter Wavefest ’11 continues with firing sets! Surfed with Chrisssss today at RJs. Keep it up bro, love the posts…

  5. Novice rider here…. You are an inspriation to all of us!. Dig deep for the hard times to get that extra “ummp” one check point at a time.

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