Day 21




Closed for the weekend.

After sleeping on a couch with no blanket, I was anxious to get the day started. We started off great this morning. I made breakfast at the station to avoid candy until at least one. We road for about 20 miles when we crossed over into Nebraska. We stopped at Haigler Cafe for breakfast. Any place with a picture of John Wayne on the wall is a good place for breakfast.  After they found out what we were doing, Diane put our meals on the house. People in Nebraska so far are super friendly. Everyone waves and says hello.
The thing about riding unsupported is that gas stations and general stores become your watering holes. So the trick is to carry enough food and water to get from one to the next without carrying excess weight. We were told there was a bunch of these type of water holes along the way so I did not carry extra water…….FAIL. The FEW places we did find were CLOSED. I figure I’m not to good to drink hose water. I fill my bottle and look inside, oh I don’t think so, the water is brown. So I barely make it into a little town with a market to get water.
So far the ride has been spectacular. Everything is going great, even though there has been a few rough moments. Nebraska is absolutely beautiful with green fields, trees, and wind mills. We have been following a little creek all day. By the way, the Nebraska state sign has bullet holes in it. Hot dang boys I done shot that there sign gooood. We have seen three deer today, two were sleeping.
Just like the myth that Colorado is biker friendly, there is also a little fairy tale about Nebraska. “Once you boys hit Nebraska the land will flatten into a nice down hill grade. The wind will turn and wisp you across the country. Little people made of chocolate and sugar plums will fill your water bottles with lollipops and water……stop. We have been plagued with rolling hills, head winds and flat tires for two days. That’s what makes this a bike ride, baby.
So far I have lost a pair of sunglass (replaced), broke the screen on my phone and now my iPod is broken. So my brain song was the zzz…zzz…zzz…zzz of bugs in the trees and the thump thump…thump thump…thump thump of the huge cracks in the road.
I have been eating a lot better, red meat is working good. I have been eating every chance get. I have been eating a lot of the same stuff. I look forward to eating Thai food and Zpizza’s gluten-free soy cheese pizza when I get home. My A.D.D. is kicking in a little. This morning I thought, what else is there to do today? Back on your bike boy.

8 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Hang in there Jason! That rear wheel fix sounded like a bugger. Glad you have been able to find food and water despite a few closed stores. People are great, no? Buying your meals, giving support, putting you up. A real testament to the goodness that exists.
    Got the on spot to work- it is pretty cool to see your trajectory in some more detail.
    Ciao and buon viaggio!

  2. Good Morning Jason! I love following you, and your writing is just so great. You make me smile, all the time! Thank you!! It must be so ‘real’ being so ‘close’ to the pavement. You are doing something so raw, and so amazing. Keep up the good work. Here’s a link to a blog I wrote in for Corona del Mar. You are an inspiration to me, and as an artist, I always seem to write about ‘seeing’. It’s just amazing to me, what you must be seeing, everyday, every minute. Wow.
    How are you doing, with gluten free stuff? Thank you for telling us all that our bodies can adapt, really? 🙂 I believe you. Really? Okay…you are an inspiration in so many ways. Keep it going. Lots of love from CA.

  3. Maybe you should’ve brought your Bow and Arrows, you probably would’ve had a chance with the sleeping deer.
    Thats what John Wayne would’ve done!

  4. Hi honey, I went online to see how to fix a tire and found 2 interesting things . One guy said when he drives through shiny stuff he always stops to brush anything out of his tires so the stuff doesn’t work its way in farthur. The other thing he did was line his tires with a used tire. Are the extra strong tires real expensive? Would you take a picture of your Spot Tracker? Think about bananas, apples, oranges instead of candy. I love you so much! I I’ve looked at the 911 website and it isn’t interesting at all. Yours is so amazing and like others have said I can’t wait to see what you’ve said the next day! In fact I went to work on Sunday just to have the time to say hi. Stay safe for me and Nicole and Judi. Love , your other mom.

  5. So your finding out that most places are closed on Sundays – note to self stock up on Saturdays. Here in Southern California we don’t observe the sabath day like they do in middle America.

    Safe travels,

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