Day 20


Head Wind Served All Day.

We started our day with another famous candy breakfast. “What will you be having today, sir?” “I’ll have the Big Hunk, Skittles, and a shot of Hammer Gel, please.” And to drink? “Water and Perpetuem please.”
After 30 miles, we rolled into Akron, CO and rustled up a LITTLE grub. One guy drove his ride-on mower to the coffee shop. After a short break, we headed back out into the head wind. And pedaled and pedaled into the head wind. My iPod is still acting up so I did not have any music.
Once I hit the town of Otis I was famished, I told Chris I would see him in Wray. I pulled into a little cafe for a burger. People are friendly in that town. I talked to a couple of local farmers about life in Otis. Steve (one of the farmers) paid for my lunch on his way out. Thank you, Steve.
About two minutes out of Otis I got a flat, oh darn. It was a rear flat, to boot. That means I have to pull the rear rack off to get the tire off, oh darn. On the road again back into the head wind.
Because of my last minute decision to ride unsupported with Chris I had to adapt my bike for the gear. The best bike for this ride would be a touring bike. If you wanted to ride fast with support, you could use a fancy race bike, my bike is neither. My bike is a Trek 1500 with Shimano 105 gears. The wheel set is an Easton 70 with 700 x 28 Gator Skin tires. It’s not a bad way to go, but I don’t have welded on attachments for my rear rack. So I used a Bob trailer skewer to adapt the rear rack. What? The bottom line is that it is a pain to change the rear tire. Why didn’t you just say that in the first place?
So I pedaled back into the wind, and pedaled and pedaled. I received a text message from Chris that said, “Don’t worry the head wind never let’s up.” After I got the iPod going and a little more sugar on board, I rolled into Wray.
The fire department here is volunteer and does not have beds. No worries they have like 20 couches. They have a great station. I had time to do some much-needed bike maintenance. Turns out I had another flat so I fixed that and gave the bike a wipe down. We ate at the bar across the street. I’m still waiting for the pulled muscle in my back to go away.
Let’s talk about Semi Trucks for a minute. As they pass you they suck you in a little and give you a little push. Sounds good right? Great until they come at you from the other way. The best way to deal with it is to put your head down and take the wind blast. The wind blast is usually warm and smells like cow poo from the cow transport trucks.
Don’t be afraid to say hi on the blog. I read the comments everyday and be sure to leave your name. If you don’t comment I assume you’re not following it, then I have to call you, then my battery dies, then I die. So if you don’t want to kill me and little puppies, please comment on the Blog. Also let me know how the spot tracker is working. I think its cool. What do you think? I would like to say thank you to Samantha, from the Liquor store for being so friendly and making me welcome to her town.

15 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Fear not Brave One – i follow your blog every day and can’t wait to get it. you really are quite funny with your prose – perhaps it’s the cow poo inhalation? (cracked me up) we are all following it (me, sons, husb, etc.) – still wanna write that book should you ever return to the “homeland”. we could donate all the proceeds and really help a lot of your brothers and sisters and fire departments – especially those along your route, since they all help you out so much. don’t stop blogging – if you do i will worry that head winds blew thru your ears, and/or your puppies died (yip yip yip)….

    xoxoxo MOM

  2. Hey woodchuck, the spot tracker is awesome, I can see your every move. Sounds like you might have found perhaps the origin of part of your ancestry. I laughed so hard, when I imagined what you were thinking or saying when the semi with cow poo flew by. You’re the best!

    Keep it up!
    Gry Squirrel

  3. Hey brothers, keep on pedaling I know what you’re feeling w/head sidewinds you 2 are a glories elite riders. Keep up the good work. It’s a milestone to tell the grand kids.
    Ride safe and many blessings for the road ahead. Heros.

  4. I want you to see who else is out there supporting you… My conversation with the chief
    Via Twitter
    Posted by LAFDFIRECHIEF Chief Cummings
    @RideFor911 I hope the ride is going well and the weather is not too hot. Stay safe.
    Posted by anolen7777 Kristie Nolen
    @LAFDFIRECHIEF dont forget you have another member riding in tribute to the fallen of 9/11
    Posted by LAFDFIRECHIEF Chief Cummings
    @anolen7777 Wow, I didn’t know. Go Jason!! He came through the Training Academy while I was assigned there.
    Posted by LAFDFIRECHIEF Chief Cummings
    Just learned, in addition to our RideFor911 riders, Jason Teter is also riding across Country for 9/11. Fire Ride, Tribute 2011. Go Jason!

    People in high places know and encourage you even if you dont see it… Stay Safe

  5. Nice work Kristie!

    Go Jason Go! Sounds like you are back on track. I was worried about you the other day. Love being able to track your ride. You guys be safe!

  6. Looking forward to seeing you in NY. I’ve listened to a few other people who say you need to write a book. I at a minimum you should continue to blog when your journey is over. Thanks for all you guys are doing. You’re going to have a spread in the next LA Firefighter Paper. Keep up the good work buddy.

  7. Nobody goes full retard and rides a bike across the country! Keep going simple jack, love reading the blog. Carly and I didnt know you were such a good writer. Nicole came down and hung out with carly dont worry were keeping her company. Stay strong you’ve got lots of people supporting you!

  8. Hows your Mustache holding up?
    Does it cause any drag?
    As Budda says “you’re tire is only flat on the bottom”! – your welcome.

    To honor you, I too will have candy for breakfast.

  9. Im reading, Im reading, Im not much of a commenter, but Ill make an exception today for the puppies. Love the GPS tracker. I told Louie you’re in Nebraska and he thinks you rock!!! Ive been dreading going back to school today but yesterday I thought “well at least I dont have to wake up every day and ride a bike across the country” so thanks for the motivation. Im so glad youre doing blog posts. I love the podunk town stories. Stay safe!!


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