Day 18


Rest Day 2

I received my first care package yesterday. My family came together and bought me a Spot GPS Tracker, some gum and my little brother, Kyle, made me a cool homemade card. “Keep pedalling until you get there.” Thanks little brother.

Now you can track me in real time on my blog or Facebook. Just go to the FOLLOW ME tab on the blog. And click the SPOT link.

I have been running all around town with my friend Marty. I replaced my sunglasses, hammer gel, tubes, handle bar tape, etc.
Everyone here has been like family. They have let me sleep in their homes, fixed me meals, and listened to my tales. Everyone. Here reminds me of my friends at home. Everyone’s door is wide open and everyone hangs out at night. It makes me a little home sick.
I tend to take things like friends for granted sometimes. The people you see everyday can easily become a comfort zone. The nice thing about exposure is their is no comfort zone. You know exactly what you have and what it is worth. You miss the little interactions you have every day. “Hi chuck”, I always say to the downstairs neighbor as I’m walking upstairs. Or just walking into Rebecca, Joel and Michelle’s house unannounced, “what’s up dawgs?” Or looking across the balcony and getting a wave from Doug or Steph. Or simply talking about diving with Alf. You know the little stuff you miss.


I got a hard head. I get that from my dad. I can over react, maybe just a tad. I put up walls to show the world I’m tough. When I don’t get my way I get difficult. But when it comes to loving me. Baby you make it look so easy.
Your my refuge from the road, a safe place to go, when I’m out here living on this ledge. When I’m circling the drain you keep my crazy sane. And quit all the voices in my head.

Love, Jason and Eric Church

8 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. Keep the faith Jason. It’s a long hard road, but I know you can do it!
    You are inspirational! A real journey for life; and very symbolic of all life’s struggles too.
    Stay strong!
    Hey, I left you an email wondering if an OC Register reporter can contact you? I emailed him about your trip after he wrote another story about some bikers. He would like to contact you- how to do so if you’re okay with it?
    Ciao and Buon viaggio!

  2. I love the picture Kyle made for you. It makes alot of sense too – keep pedeling until you get there. That could be applied to your ride or just to life in general. Perhaps Kyle has a deep but simple understanding of life. Hmm something to think about.

    Love the new GPS tracker. 🙂

  3. That card is awesome! Ha ha… Thanks for the post, loved what you said about exposure and taking the little things for granted. Very applicable in my life. Keep on the gas brother.


  4. True, True, Jason you are hard headed, that is just one reason why we all love you. Keep goining brother. You are truly an inspiration.


  5. Do you have to make me cry every day?! Rode my mtn bike around today, thought of you. OMG you’re insane! But seriously, support you 100%

  6. Jason I ride w/you and Chris in spirit every night I go to the gym to spin, raise the tension higher so I simulate that pain of 18 days. Your body should be num by now. But, like the young man Kyle stated. keep pedeling until you get there. Keep up the good work the both of you for the brotherhood.
    Rude Pilot

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