Day 17


My days so far can really be categorized into two parts, A and B.
Some days like Baker to Vegas the A portion was a brutal struggle of endurance and part B was a fun escorted ride with great people. Yesterday was the opposite, A was nice and B was a chance to strengthen my feeble mind…
In light of yesterday’s tale of whining, I wanted to do my A post early. Things are much better after a good night sleep and some breakfast. Food, water, shelter, love and coffee……..don’t need much more than that. When you get those things, it does not really matter what brand they are. This morning I salute Lackana for providing this weary traveler with a smile and a cup of coffee. Stay tuned for part B.  Thanks for all your love and support.
Today has been filled with running errands, including Chris giving a talk at an EMT graduation. We stopped by and met with the boys from West Metro Fire Station 13 today. Tonight I’m getting to know my new friends Terry, Marty, and Ty.

A special thanks to the Keating Family, the Nolen Family, Gail, and Chuck for their super speedy donations! I will think of you when I am enjoying real food and a cup of coffee.

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