Day 15


Colorado State…Go Rams

We biked about 15 miles to find breakfast this morning, go Dennys. We were going to bike to Denver today. After a change of plans, I decided to make a stop in Fort Collins. I’m staying with Shayna’s swim coach Kevin…. Go Rams.
That turns the ride into 56 miles instead of 107. We tried to follow frontage roads today. During the short ride on the frontage road we observed buffalo and camels. After the road dead ended into a gravel road, we climbed over a locked gate, crossed the bushes, over a barbed wire fence, to the interstate. There is something wrong about climbing barbed wire fences in spandex.
The head wind made for a slower ride today. There was not many stops along the way, so I was out of water when I rolled into town.
The mountains are a beautiful back drop to this picturesque state this time of year. I plan on taking my time to get to Denver so I can enjoy its beauty a bit.
It’s funny to think about how long it took me to get to Colorado the last time I drove. Now I’m here on a bike.
I have rode through two states that I have never been to before. It’s also funny to think about 56 miles on a bike as being a recovery day. It’s crazy how quick your body adapts. The body is an amazing machine with the proper fuel and maintenance. Many people have told me, “I could never do what you are doing.” Well of course you can’t, you just told yourself you could never do what I am doing. You can do whatever you want, you just have to do it. You can do it!

14 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. I agree; the body is a machine we train to do what we want the body to do. Jason Fort Collins one of my favorite cities in CO. FAT TIRE, New Belgium Brewery. Denver has another good bar & grill Breckridge they also have some good brew; one brew wouldn’t hurt the machinery (body).
    Everyday I tracking your blogs Jason, I’m with you in spirit. Keep up the peddling. Have a safe journey.
    Rude Pilot

  2. Hi Jason… you need to post where people can make donations. I know you have had a lot of unexpected expenses (lodging when plans fall through, bike maintenance, food, etc). Maybe post your home address and have checks sent to Nicole… I just saw Chris saying he needed new tires and rims and is accepting donations… How can everyone help YOU too? For all of you that see this… Please send to your friends and family… I saw Jason made an earlier post about how nice it was that someone bought him a Starbuck’s coffee… I would like to think all of us can at least send you (or Nicole might be better – she can deposit it into your acoount) a check for at least a few bucks for a cup of coffee, a sandwich, lodging, etc. You and Nicole have made a 45 day commitment/ sacrifice…. as I type this I am sitting on my fat ass… on a couch… drinking my own cup of coffee… Sending Nicole a check today 🙂

  3. You know, you seem to be running out of water.. Camelbaks can hold a lot 😉 Ha ha.. I learned yesterday what you mean by they suck for the bike. A hassle to use and at one point the mouth piece came off and went flying into traffic on PCH. Looks like I need some water bottles.

  4. CAMELS? no way – did you take pictures of them? Camels in Colorado? (sounds like a good song title). watch that spandex on the barbie – love you, MOM

  5. Jason…the last four sentences of todays blog makes me what to jump and cheer. That is so profound. I used the statement, “what thought has created, changed thought can change.” in my life and it has worked many, many times. I am so envious of what you’re doing, it was a dream that I had but I didn’t really start riding until I was in my 50’s (twentyone years ago) and now the old body has reached a point…well, you know what I’m trying to say. God bless to you and Chris. Enjoy your ride…a lot of people are right there with you in spirit.

  6. This crossed my mind also! Sending Jake over to Nicoles with a donation today! Jason…The highlight of my day is reading your daily post. I share your adventure with others daily. When school starts I’m sure my daughter will be reflecting upon it on 9-11 with her 4th grade class and especially when they say “they can’t do it”! You are an inspiration!

  7. I look forward to reading your post everyday, They make me smile and laugh out loud!! We are very proud of you, keep up the great job and remember these memories will last a life time. Enjoy the country and it beauty just don’t run over a squirrel.

  8. Thinking about you this Monday evening. I appreciate your posts candor and honesty. Keep them coming. You continue to inspire many, directly and indirectly. Stop running out of water dude, it makes us worry 😦 Ride hard. May the wind always be at your back and peace, right around the bend.

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