Day 14


I had a long day. I will update tomorrow. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Go Jason! Very inspiring trip indeed. I’m glad that you have such a global, philosophical view throughout your ride. I can imagine how it helps one appreciate life, and, as you say, how we all approach and reach our goals, whatever they may be. It reminds me especially of last summer climbing Whitney. I remember the long prep hikes, and me thinking like you are thinking on your journey. I like to ride bike too, for that, the chance to think peacefully, and even meditate. Be strong!

  2. Don’t give up! I can’t wait to hear about your next small town and GREAT fire department you get to visit! It makes me homesick for my hometown and my department. BUT I love hearing about your adventure! Peace be with you brother and God speed!

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