Day 11


Welcome to the fire service.

The ride into Green River yesterday was a long mental grind.
We conquered the Three Sisters with ease. Wyoming has been a nice run. Thanks to Mother Nature.
We met with the boys from Green River Volunteer Fire. After a quick newspaper interview, Dea drove us to his home to spend the night. Dea is one of two paid Assistant Chiefs for the department. After we showered, he drove us around town. Green River is named after the green river that runs through town. Green River Fire is one of the most dedicated groups that I have ever met. They have a burn tower that is better than most paid departments. All of the custom welding and inside props are done by the Chiefs. This department has a Haz Mat and Swift Water team on top of their Firefighting duties. These men train 3 days a week on their own time. They do it because they love it. They are Firemen.
Dea and his wife Willy are wonderful people. They invited us into their home without hesitation. They planned a great steak dinner for us. I can’t explain how much a great meal brought my spirits up. I have always said that when you are in distress, you send out an alarm into the universe. I’m not sure that they knew I was feeling down, but they made their home into a refuge. A comfortable place to rest and recover. While we were eating, Willy stopped and said, “Your eyes are red,” and brought me eye drops. Wow, she really cared. She was very motherly, almost like she knew we needed a mom that night. They both got up early and cooked us bacon, eggs, and potatoes before work. Then Willy drove us to the store to get food for the day’s journey. That’s the fire service family. You two will never know what you did for me. You both did everything right, at the right time. Bless you both.
On our way to Wamsutter I see the pick up truck pulling a horse trailer pull over to the side of the interstate. This guy comes running across the embankment waiving his arms. I think oh man this guy is in real trouble. I start thinking what can we do to help this guy. “Hi boys”, he says. Its Randy. He was driving through Wyoming with his horses and sopped to say hi.

4 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Wow! What a beautiful post. So glad Dea and Willy were there for you when you needed it. Please know that there are many, many people back home who are with you in spirit
    supporting you and encouraging you!!

  2. Jason you are totally awesome! I will read of of your posts asap1 I am very heartened to hear that your ‘brothers’ and their families are your family out there too! Your various families back home are all rooting you on!

  3. What a remarkable experience you’re having for a remarkable person. Keep the faith – we are all with you.

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