Day 12



Continental Divide

Today was a nice cruise over the divide into Wamsutter. They have a very dedicated group here. All work and no play. They really embody what service means here. Service first, self second, what a great example to live by. This place has a real down home feel. It was like a family reunion at dinner. It felt like the whole town showed up for the BBQ. It was really wonderful to see. The great thing out here is that you can’t rest on your laurels. You don’t just get to say, “Someone else will get it.” There is no one else. You have to participate in life out here or there is no life. With long response times, minimum staffing, and long impassable roads to the hospitals, these volunteers face many challenges. They do their best to help others. They do what they can. And they do it for free. Wamsutter, you are the fire service.

4 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Yeah it’s amazing what those rural firefighters can do and the crazy things they see like farm injuries! Your right no whiners allowed out there.

    I have a friend in Chicago who has been following your bloggs and wants to meet you in Chicago. Text me with the fire station you will be staying at when you get to Chicago.

    Stay safe.

  2. Jason, I didn’t know writing was one of your many talents. I’m so thankful for the wonderful people you are meeting. I am so amazed by you! Thank you for writing every day. Love mom

  3. Rock on with your bad self! You guys are killing it. Love your blog – photos and writings are awesome. WAY TO REPRESENT! Steve

  4. Jason, there is no wall you cannot climb over, there is no hurdle you cannot jump over. You are a very special breed and I know that this is a personal endeavor for you. I am with you in spirit and in faith my friend. We should never forget those tragic events that unfolded that terrible day. You make it so people like me are always reminded of 9-11. You have always taken it to the next level and this is by far the highest. If anyone can do this all the way, you are the person that can. I am so proud of you BUD, look out ROCKIES here comes TETER.
    I Love you, BUD
    Grey Squirrel over.

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