Day 9


And on the 9th day they rested.

Finally a little rest for the wicked. I walked to breakfast in the rain this morning…emmm good. I’m waiting for Randy (Tracy Lloyd’s brother) to come pick me up and drive me around today. He also plans on cycling with us in the am and leading us out of town. Thanks to my buddy Tracy for referring me to her brother.
Special thanks to Deacon Vasquez for his generous donation to the cause. For just $1.59 a day, you to can provide a cyclist with a much needed Starbucks coffee.
Let me tell you about my new friend Randy. He picked me up at the fire house in the pouring rain. Drove me to the bike shop, the UPS store, the running store, and bought me lunch. Just one more example of someone being selfless. I have never met Randy before today and he is not a firefighter. Just one phone call by my friend Tracy and he was here. Thank you for being of service, brother.
Having a day off gave me a little extra time around the kitchen table at Salt Lake City station 1. And a little more time to reflect on my journey so far. Remember that day you walked into the drill tower and looked at all the new fire helmets in a line? You knew one belonged to you. Or the day you put on your turnouts. Wow I finally made it, I’m a firefighter. I have a couple of good friends starting their journey Aug 2. Congrats boys. In one day they will become part of this family.
As I ride across this great country of ours, I am reminded of our freedom, and those who defend it. I am reminded of those who care for it at home. I am reminded of those who SERVE. Service is not a job, it is a calling. To you who serve, I salute you.
Tomorrow is going to be great. Salt Lake City Fire has treated us like family. They shared their house, their food, and their time. Tomorrow they will protect our safety as they escort us out of town.

11 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Hi Jason,
    I am very much impressed with your great undertaking!
    Please take good care and ride safely.
    You all are in my prayers. Shoko Mizutani

    • Dude I can’t believe you are already in Wyoming! You are crushing it. You are missed. Tell Chris hola for me.

  2. Honey, My comments havn’t been coming through. I love how you are writing every day to keep us up to speed. This will make it so much easier to remember the details when you write your book! The part about the truck was scary! You are amazing to me Jason. You are not alone. I love you. Mom

  3. Glad u boys r enjoying yourselves. Isn’t it amazing how selfless people still can be? Take care and don’t forget the chamois butter!

  4. Yo Jason,
    Hoping you are able to smile and enjoy your experience. Must be challenging at times to think happy thoughts while in the middle or a gnarly hill climb, some serious cramps, or just alot of pain. But, you only get one shot at each day so I am hoping your living it with no regrets. Kick some ass, do the best you can, do wimper like a school girl, and most importantly…have a great time. Your loved by many…
    Dave Marcin

  5. Jason, Thanks for the daily updates, I really look forward to them. This experience truly is one of a kind. There was a time when things looked like they were unraveling that i thought you should back out and not do it. No more. I’m glad you are in the run and no matter what happens days or weeks from now you will be fine. Take care and as Dave says, you are loved by many.
    John Muller

  6. DD and I were looking to meet you on your trip but it isn”t going to work out. Hope to get together when you get back.

    Good luck on the ride and be safe!!!!!


  7. We at Engine 1-B platoon were honored to have you stay with us. God Sped and never forger.
    Much Love.
    Salt Lake City Fire-Captain that was there.

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