Day 8


Mile Stone
Nice day of riding. 92 miles into Salt Lake City. If you are going to travel on Sunday in Utah get your supplies on Saturday. Seventy five percent of the state is closed on Sundays. I ate candy and Del Taco for lunch.
To the over weight gentleman in the red car with the bad shirt. I am sorry if my cycling interfered with your busy day. By the way you forgot your gas cap.
I want to share a text I received from my mother-in-law. Hope she does not mind.
“I sat down  with Kyle this morning and pulled up your map of progress to show him where you are riding your bike to, you should of seen his face!! He said, “you’re kidding me!” and I said no I am not, then he said it again so I had to pinkie promise him!!  You are such an inspiration to us, but for Kyle, there is such a great lesson he will learn from you!  Keep  up the great work and you are in our prayers every night.”
Salt Lake Fire Dept Station 1 has welcomed us wih open apparatus bays. They brewed us coffee, made us dinner and put us in a great dorm. These guys are city firemen. I feel at home with city guys. Thank you men.
I had a minute to wipe the bike down. It seems to be holding up good. I plan on getting some more Hammer gel, buy a new bag for the bike and mail my trailer home tomorrow.
It’s funny I start feeling fuzzy inside after some mileage. I start seeing all the good in the world, etc. Then as soon as it starts, some guy cuts into my lane or honks or something and bam it’s over. I’m trying to just let it roll off my back.
I am really happy today. Salt Lake City is my first mile stone. Everything seems to be falling into place. My legs finally decided to join the rest of us. We are taking our first rest day tomorrow. I’m looking forward to shedding more weight and hitting the hills on the way out of Salt Lake the day after tomorrow.
Thank you Family.

11 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Proud of you, Nicole and Chris! Hang in there you guys… I can’t imagine how tough it is on ALL of you…. and your families! Just keep in mind how tough it is on 343+ fire families … many, many police department families… and thousands of other families! You guys are making a difference!

  2. What a great accomplishment. So what did u have in that side saddle that u can now live without??

    • Terri,
      He is down to one shirt, one pair of board shorts, one pair of flip flops, one bike jersey, two pairs of bike shorts, 3 pairs of cycling socks, a chamois towel, a toothbrush, deodorant and then items like the digital camera, a GoPro camera, a GPS unit, a head lamp and I think thats about it.

  3. Jason, I think it’s incredible what you are doing and I’m so sorry I could not be there to see you on your arrival in SLC. I knew you would receive a warm welcome and yes, everything is closed on Sunday :)))!!! I wish you a very safe trip!!

  4. Enjoy your day of rest!!! Glad to know you are lightening your load for the rest of the trip. Hope the weather stays nice. Watch out for the winds in Nebraska and Iowa

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