Day 7


Hundred dollar bills yo!
Rolled out another 117 miles today. We are starting to fine tune everything. The trick is to find a balance between carrying enough food and water without weighing to much. I have nursed a few warm water bottles into the next town. I am leaning toward less is better. If I can dump the weight I can increase my speed, and use less supplies between towns.
We had 1 flat today. That is a grand total of 3 flats and a scewer (axle) for Chris and 1 trailer flat for me. Today was pretty uneventful until 100 miles. (Nicole stop reading here). We road 100 miles on Interstate 15. If dodging caution signs, stranded cars and tire treads was not enough. Road construction narrowed the freeway down to 1/2 lane and the shoulder. I will do the math for you ,1/2 a lane plus 1 truck equals 1/2 a shoulder minus 1 bike trailer equals , not enough space between me and Big Rigs. This equation is referred to by scientists as the pucker factor. I started hitting a wall around 100 miles so with the combination of that and stress, I was pretty relieved to roll into town. Thanks again for all your support.

5 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. You look hammered, I rode the bike across the parking lot at work in 70 degree temp and I was exhausted. We are all rooting for you brother. You are definately finding the parameters of brotherhood in the fire service, kudo’s to the bro’s and sis’s that are looking out for you. Be safe out there, I’m sure dodging trucks, tires and heat ain’t as cool as it looks on TV.

  2. Nancy told me about your blog and just read your report. Wow………GANBARE….Go for it, Jason. I wish you have a safe and wonderful trip all the way to New York. I am thinking of you!


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