Day 4


Epic Day!
Wow what a showing by Las Vegas Fire and their families! You have shown us your best and for that I am greatful. Eight members of the Las Vegas Fire Dept showed up at 4:30 am on short notice to ride 104 miles ending in 107 deg weather (many after working the shift before). Their families drove cars and carried and filled water bottles for us. Their selfless generosity was an example of the fine personnel in the fire service. Due to all the hard work done by the boys we were able to enjoy a nice day of riding.
If you want to find a hero look past the crowd in the shadows. You won’t hear them or see them, not until the work begins. Thanks boys !
As we were leaving a fireman said “Hey…we are proud of you.”

9 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Cool picture! Yeah, day 4 brought to you by Patron Silver Tequila! Haha…it was a great ride, made better by riding with you and Chris on your epic journey. It was good talking to you, and I am glad you guys are doing the ride the way you are doing it…I hope you and Chris had a somewhat cooler ride today…talk to you all soon!

  2. Maybe I should test for Las Vegas. You had about 10 more people in the photo that showed up from their department than you did for your own… Enough said.

  3. We’re all proud of you. I wish I could have made your launch day. Hopefully I’ll see you in New York. Keep up the good work.

  4. The Teter Tracking System is up and functioning at Fire Station 5. Actually it’s just a large map of the states with pins plotting your progress/location 🙂 All the guys here at your fire station are proud of you. Keep it up and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

  5. We are proud of you too Jason! I find myself talking about your ride at work… ha ha. At night when I read your blog, I wish so much to embark on a similar journey some day. Keep on truckin bruther.

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