Day 2



Day two has been more of an adventure then a bike ride. From the 2:30 am start to the washed out road or the google screwing. Thanks to the boys from San Bernadino Fire Station 52 and 53 for all their help.
Let me take a moment to thank Holly & Mark, Tracy, Mark, Andre, Erik & Chanthou for helping fund my ride.
It is HOT! 110 in Baker. All my electronic devices are acting up in one way or another. My phone camera and video will not work so I’m having trouble getting photos updated. My bottom is less then happy and I think my eyes are sun burned. Would not have it any other way.
We are heading out at 2:30 am for Vegas Baby……

14 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Hope you guys made it over those truck killin grades alright! It’s great to meet great folks achieving great things!

  2. Hey boys you’re doing great! Let the combined power of the mustache and baby face be your guide! Love you.

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