Day 8


Mile Stone
Nice day of riding. 92 miles into Salt Lake City. If you are going to travel on Sunday in Utah get your supplies on Saturday. Seventy five percent of the state is closed on Sundays. I ate candy and Del Taco for lunch.
To the over weight gentleman in the red car with the bad shirt. I am sorry if my cycling interfered with your busy day. By the way you forgot your gas cap.
I want to share a text I received from my mother-in-law. Hope she does not mind.
“I sat down  with Kyle this morning and pulled up your map of progress to show him where you are riding your bike to, you should of seen his face!! He said, “you’re kidding me!” and I said no I am not, then he said it again so I had to pinkie promise him!!  You are such an inspiration to us, but for Kyle, there is such a great lesson he will learn from you!  Keep  up the great work and you are in our prayers every night.”
Salt Lake Fire Dept Station 1 has welcomed us wih open apparatus bays. They brewed us coffee, made us dinner and put us in a great dorm. These guys are city firemen. I feel at home with city guys. Thank you men.
I had a minute to wipe the bike down. It seems to be holding up good. I plan on getting some more Hammer gel, buy a new bag for the bike and mail my trailer home tomorrow.
It’s funny I start feeling fuzzy inside after some mileage. I start seeing all the good in the world, etc. Then as soon as it starts, some guy cuts into my lane or honks or something and bam it’s over. I’m trying to just let it roll off my back.
I am really happy today. Salt Lake City is my first mile stone. Everything seems to be falling into place. My legs finally decided to join the rest of us. We are taking our first rest day tomorrow. I’m looking forward to shedding more weight and hitting the hills on the way out of Salt Lake the day after tomorrow.
Thank you Family.


Day 7


Hundred dollar bills yo!
Rolled out another 117 miles today. We are starting to fine tune everything. The trick is to find a balance between carrying enough food and water without weighing to much. I have nursed a few warm water bottles into the next town. I am leaning toward less is better. If I can dump the weight I can increase my speed, and use less supplies between towns.
We had 1 flat today. That is a grand total of 3 flats and a scewer (axle) for Chris and 1 trailer flat for me. Today was pretty uneventful until 100 miles. (Nicole stop reading here). We road 100 miles on Interstate 15. If dodging caution signs, stranded cars and tire treads was not enough. Road construction narrowed the freeway down to 1/2 lane and the shoulder. I will do the math for you ,1/2 a lane plus 1 truck equals 1/2 a shoulder minus 1 bike trailer equals , not enough space between me and Big Rigs. This equation is referred to by scientists as the pucker factor. I started hitting a wall around 100 miles so with the combination of that and stress, I was pretty relieved to roll into town. Thanks again for all your support.

Day 6


Recovery Day.
In spite of the rain and head winds, it was nice to only bike 55 miles today. Beaver volunteer fire put us up in their home. What a family we belong to. You are never a stranger in the fire house.
I mailed 9 pounds of stuff home. If you want to find out what’s important to you, carry it for awhile. I plan to change my set up in Salt Lake City and mail my trailer home.

Day 5


Dear Friends and Family

Today was a grueling, hot uphill battle for the guys. They rode alone without support. In the past 2 days they managed to ride 207 miles, with the temperature almost always above 100 degrees. I am sure Jason will update Day 5 tomorrow after some well deserved sleep. All the text messages and phone calls helped to keep him pedaling today! Thank you to everyone for all of your positivity!


Nicole Teter

Test Day
Please do not pick up your bike until you are told to do so. You will have approx 9 hours and 55 minutes to complete your test. All students will cycle 110 miles with temperatures reaching 100 degrees. This test will be uphill the entire way. Keep your eyes on your own white line and notify. There is no one to notify, your on your own pal…its cowboy time.
What a day, we left feeling pretty beat up from the day before. I pulled my nemesis (the trailer) up a 4 percent grade for the first 31 miles. The fire ball (sun) heated things up around 1pm. As we continued climbing into ……? It got hot. This was when I asked myself, “Are we doing this thing or not?” Bring it! After a water break we continued onto Hwy 15 and continued to climb. Just when you want to quit, the freeway shoulder is ground down into a cheese grater. I think I lost some teeth. Running out of water I found a camp ground with a water spigot, thank god. As I rolled into Cedar City the sun went down and I continued to the Fire House in the dark.
I reflected on the difference between being supported yesterday and being unsupported today. I started to feel a little bit lonely. Then your texts started popping up on my phone. “We are behind you,ride on brah, and go Jason go! Then I started thinking about all your support on the blog. It sounds corny, but you are all really here with me. Many times today I just wanted to quit and I pictured YOU telling me to keep going, and I did. Thank you.
We stayed in a training house attached to Cedar City Fire. It was built to train second graders how to escape from a burning house. It was paid for by donations and spearheaded by the Fire Dept. It is an actual house rigged with smoke machines. Now that’s service, hands on training for children. Good Job guys. The training house is already been credited with saving one little girl. She was able to get out when her home caught fire. The story can be found on an NBC program called My Three Wish’s. I fully expected to wake up to training smoke banked to the ground. Thanks for letting us off easy boys.